After 10 years without anyone wanting this dog, an unexpected event happens at the shelter

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Wiggles had been waiting for his family for life for 10 years. In recent days, she can finally discover the warmth of her home for life. 

Wiggles is an adorable 14 year old Pittbull cross. She had spent her life in an Illinois shelter for 11 years. 

A difficult journey 

Shelter manager Karla Crane said she could not have dreamed of better as an adopted family. 

Wiggles was brought to 5As (Alton Area Animal Aid Association) shelter in 2010 when she was just 3 years old. But when she arrived the little dog was quite aggressive. Because of his behavior with humans and other dogs, no one wanted to adopt him. 

Eventually over the years Wiggles opened up to people and became lovable. But an obstacle got in its way. 

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