She comes across a wet kitten in the street: what she sees on her belly tears her heart out!

She then checked with local residents to see if anyone knew where he was from, but nothing, so she took him home.

She and her husband named him Bruce. And the couple took care of the kitten like a real baby, taking turns feeding it night and day. “My mom and dad think that getting up every two hours, smelling milk all the time, and arguing over who’s best to put him to sleep is probably not much different from being a parent of a human. “, ironically his mistress on the Facebook page she created for her feline.  

Finally, after two weeks, Bruce opened his eyes for the first time. A week later, the kitten began to survey the premises of his new home.

Today, thanks to his survival instinct and the intervention of the one who would become his mistress, Bruce has become a big beautiful black tomcat!

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