Nobody wants this cat because of her physique: one day the phone rings and the shelter believes it was wrong

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Bean is an adorable little kitten that no one wanted to adopt for a long time, until one day she crossed paths with Francisca Franken. 

One night, Francisca Franken was browsing the website of her town’s animal shelter, when she came across a very quirky looking cat. There was something in the cat’s mouth, its pout and its sad look that immediately appealed to the young girl.  

She laughs in front of the pussy pics 

At first Francisca laughed because the pussy photos were funny and the girl had never seen a cat like this before.

She immediately wrote to the shelter to see if the cat was still available for adoption. She was so nervous waiting for their response that she couldn’t sleep that night. But when the shelter called her back, the members found it hard to believe that she actually wanted Bean.

Apparently, no one had been interested in the kitten before and the shelter was worried that Francisca had pressed the wrong button when applying for adoption. 

An adorable little pussy that needed some love

Before coming to the shelter, Bean was a stray cat and suffered from an eye infection. She had never known the love of a house. 

When Francisca met Bean, she discovered a very small pussy, with a short tail and a very flat mouth. Francisca fell in love with the little cat and immediately brought her home. 

Little Bean is very cuddly and never leaves her mistress. She sleeps in her bed every night. Besides his mistress, Bean’s most favorite thing in the world are olives. Every time she smells of olive and oil, she gets very excited.

Fortunately, olives are safe for cats – in moderation – so Francisca gives her a few as a reward! 

An unfailing complicity!