The delivery man steals a Siamese cat from a customer, something will make him bitterly regret his act (video)

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An Amazon delivery boy attempted to steal a customer’s cat, but the customer came out to confront him with his terrible act. 

This Monday in the region of Essex in England, an Amazon delivery man noticed Yoshi, the Siamese cat of a customer who was on the landing of the house. He then decided to pick him up to take him in his truck. 

The scene is filmed by the client’s surveillance camera

In the video, the delivery man can be seen leaving a package on the doorstep, then grabbing the 13-year-old cat to take him to his truck. 

The thief did not suspect that the customer was indeed present at his home and that he had seen the whole scene via his surveillance camera. He immediately went out to catch up with the thief before the thief locked Yoshi in his van. 

The cat was surely going to be resold 

The customer immediately asked the thief what he planned to do with his cat after he picked it up in his truck. He was completely caught off guard and answered nothing but “Nothing” and “I’m sorry”. 

The client thinks he was interested in the pedigree cat, in order to resell it. He asked for his manager’s number at Amazon, but when he called he thought it wasn’t him he got, as this person didn’t seem to be “apologizing” for the act at all. his employee. 

The man filed a complaint with the police following the attempted theft and the case is still ongoing. 

Amazon reacted by indicating that they had contacted the customer to offer compensation and tell him that from now on the delivery man would no longer be able to deliver packages for them.