This kitten was to be euthanized … Two years later, here is what it has become

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When he was only three weeks old, Gozer the kitten was going to be euthanized, at the request of his owner, for a simple infection of the eye. But the vet refused and Gozer was saved by a woman with a big heart …

Euthanasia of convenience, many vets are against. Fortunately, Gozer passed into the hands of one of them. Thanks to him and his rescuer, he narrowly escaped death .

His lucky star is sup3rnint3ndo on Reddit . She decided to share her story on the web: “Someone dropped him off to be euthanized because he had an eye infection… Based on his appearance and the time it took us to bottle-feed him, we think ‘he was about 3 weeks old. At the time, this young woman had just lost her boyfriend’s cat. Adopting a kitten seemed like a good idea, even if the latter suffered from health problems.

“Her eye infection turned out to be a chronic upper respiratory disease,” she said. The poor kitten was also suffering from dermatomycosis and was losing its hair  in places. He was immediately placed on treatment. And with a lot of love and patience, he recovered …

Two years later, this is what Gozer has become …

According to his mistress, “this is the strangest cat I have ever had. My companion calls him “flip-flop” because he sometimes looks like a whole different cat … He loves everyone , dogs, cats, ferrets … ”

Now Gozer is a happy, healthy cat . And with his way of squinting, he makes his masters crack … and Internet users around the world!