Little girl saves bat, mother finds it and breaks down

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And even more surprisingly, it is now this little beast that rules the house. 

It was 11 years ago. His mistress, Alesha Brandt, remembers thinking that Meeps would not be spending the night. It was his daughter who had brought him home: “My daughter saw her get kicked out of a car,” she told The Dodo . At first glance, she initially thought it was a little bat. His bald, oversized ears do indeed give him some similarities. Yet it is a bitch!

“She never grew hair on her ears, so it looks like soft leather reminiscent of bat wings,” says Alesha Brandt. 

“She was severely malnourished (weighing 2 pounds) and her eye was beyond repair.” While waiting for her mother to come home, the girl then began to give her a bath and the animal wisely let it go. Mother and daughter then took him to the vet.

And then the little family decided to keep her. Moreover, despite her small size and unusual appearance – she lacks an eye, a leg and an eardrum, the little dog is now the owner of the house.

“She only tolerates her brother Krum, a Brussels Griffon , if she is cold and needs a companion to snuggle up” explains her mistress.

As for the other dog in the house, a large Malinois named Lech, she considers him her best friend, but he too seems to be afraid of her. But behind her shell, Meep also proves to be a very affectionate bitch, especially with her mistress whom she follows everywhere. 

Meeps is now almost 14 years old and the bat-bitch still seems to be in great shape. “She leads a fairly normal life. She eats well, likes to take naps and the hot sun”, congratulates her mistress.