Policeman finds abandoned trash bag and realizes there is something alive in it

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Agent Bennett Dillon had the shock of his life to find out what was in that abandoned bag… a moment he will never forget. 

Constable Bennett Dillon of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department in Indiana was on a routine patrol in 2018 when called upon to save lives.

Entering a park, Bennett notices a bag thrown to the ground. He slowly approaches and discovers that there is something alive inside. Without hesitating any longer, Bennett gets even closer and finds that this is a kitten that really needs help. 

A kitten in danger of death

Shocked, Bennett discovers that the kitten is barely breathing and has blood in its eyes and ears. There is no doubt that he would not have survived the night … As delicately as possible, the agent took the little cat out of the trash bag and placed it in a thick blanket. 

There was then no longer a second to waste in saving the kitten’s life.

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