Policeman finds abandoned trash bag and realizes there is something alive in it

Bennett rushed to Arlington Heights Veterinary Hospital, where vets discovered the full extent of the trauma the kitten had suffered. But despite everything, no one wanted to give up.

Not only did the little cat suffer from trauma to the head, but also from a broken leg and flea anemia. In short, a not very reassuring assessment. 

Renamed Lennie, the kitten decided to fight with all her might to survive and with the help of all the staff at the hospital, she achieved the impossible. So much so that a week after his rescue, Lennie is already much better. 

A new start for Lennie

Even though little Lennie will still need some time to get back on her feet and run around everywhere, she is getting better and better every day and her life is no longer in danger. While waiting to find her lifelong family and be ready to settle there, the kitten lives with a colleague of Bennett’s who has agreed to take her in and give her all the love and care she needs. 

A more than successful rescue. 

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