He falls while doing work: paramedics arrive and are very touched by what they see

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Here is yet another proof that the dog is indeed man’s most faithful companion …

In the spring of 2017 in Argentina , Jesus Hueche was pruning a tree in front of his house when he fell from a 2-meter-high ladder after losing his balance and landed on the concrete floor.

The man who hit his head during the fall lost consciousness . His dog Tony , obviously very worried, kept him company, lying on Jesus’ chest to protect him until the paramedics took over. 

A protective behavior that proves the bond that unites Tony to his master. And a fair return from the elevator since the first time he saw Tony it was a stray dog ​​and Jesus decided to welcome him into his family, considering him since then as his child. It is therefore quite natural that the “son” then wanted to help his “father”.

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