“Tears in their eyes”: the family brings the dog back to the shelter and causes a tragedy

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The decision was not easy for Ole’s family, but it had to be made because there were no other solutions for them. 

When Ole the dog was adopted from the Delitzsch animal shelter in Saxony, everyone was overjoyed for the friendly doggie. The latter was also particularly happy to start a new life and immediately got along with his new human. A beautiful story seemed to be starting to be written … 

But it was not. 

Ole does not fit

Once in his foster family, Ole quickly shows himself unsuitable for children and other family pets. A problem that had not been considered so much the dog seemed well in his paws. 

It is therefore with great sorrow, and with tears in their eyes, that Ole’s adoptive family decides to bring him back to the shelter very soon after his adoption. A return to square one, complicated for everyone, but also for the volunteers of the refuge …

Obviously, Ole is immediately depressed when he sees that he is back at the shelter, in his dark cubicle. 

A dog with many qualities

The Delitzsch animal shelter in Saxony then decides to take matters into their own hands and do everything to ensure that Ole is adopted again because the doggie has many qualities: he masters many orders, loves long walks and has a lot of love to give. 

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Ole quickly finds the family he needs, the one that will be able to meet his needs.