Old dog abandoned in front of a shelter: the volunteers find a note and go into a rage!

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A master abandons his dog and leaves for only note: “He is more than 10 years old. He cannot even walk any more”. 

Having a pet is a lifelong commitment. When you adopt an animal, you accept the responsibility to give it love and give it all the care it needs, even as it ages and weakens. 

Unfortunately, this is not always the case and some owners do not hesitate to abandon their animals as soon as things get a little complicated. 

This is the case of this old dog who was rejected by his master because of his handicap, but fortunately he had the right to a second chance. 

A saddest dog 

Last month, a Pyrenean Mountain Dog was found tied to a sled and abandoned in front of the Wanderers’ Rest Humane association in Cazenovia, New York. 

The dog was found alone with just a bowl of water and a handwritten note: “He’s over 10 years old. He can’t even walk anymore.” 

The employees of the association were heartbroken when they discovered the poor dog. He looked extremely sad. They picked him up and called him Perry.

They put all their efforts to get the doggie to his feet. Perry’s story has hurt thousands of people on the internet, and association employees have raised $ 6,000 for his care.

With much love and care, Perry slowly learned to walk again. 

Perry’s owner has reportedly been found and charged with lack of veterinary care, the investigation is still ongoing. 

Today the brave dog begins to walk again 

Meanwhile, Perry is making big progress: he was taken care of by a physiotherapist who has already spoiled the dog a lot with a lot of toys. 

Things are looking good for Perry, but the association hopes that what happened to this dog will serve as a reminder that you cannot abandon your pet because it is too old. 

She recalls that if a master encounters a difficulty with his animal, he can call an animal aid association to explain the situation. This will give him support, advice and help him!