She looks for her dog everywhere, when she understands what he was doing, she is as exasperated as she is laughing to death (video)

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It must be said that it is difficult not to laugh when seeing the face of the dog caught in the act … 

It had been a while since Chloe’s mistress had heard her dog play in the apartment. As the young woman was beginning to find it odd, she started looking for her in all the rooms. 

She finally found her on the living room rug, greedily licking something …

His mistress discovers his DOG in the act

Chloe heard her mistress approach and innocently raised her head. This is where the truth came out and young woman understood what her little bitch was doing all this time! 

She had found a tube of lipstick on the floor and suddenly thought that this tube would make a great snack … 

The poor doggie had it all over his muzzle and both front legs. She absolutely could not deny his gesture! 

Between laughter and remonstrance

Chloe had the reflex to let go of the lipstick tube, like nothing had happened. But in the eyes of her mistress, she understood that she had done something wrong …  

However, to his surprise, his mistress struggled not to laugh! We hear on the video that she tries to scold her dog but still finds it hilarious to see her in this state. 

Chloe has a strategy not to be scolded too much: she shies away from her mistress’s gaze a little to show that she feels guilty, but at the same time she tries to make her eyes soft to make her crack. And it works, because we forgive him everything!