A man ties his dog to a tree and abandons it: he explains his action to the gendarmes

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On January 3, a dog was found by hunters while he was tied to a tree in Luçon. Visibly very weakened, the animal had aroused excitement on the Internet. 

Remember. On January 3, a dog was found tied to a tree in the middle of the forest . Beside him, an empty mess tin. Weakened, the doggie needed immediate help, and quickly many people offered to adopt and / or help him. 

The master of Narcos found

After an investigation by the Luçon gendarmes, the master of Narcos was quickly found and heard. The latter, working in the restaurant business, would have indicated that he could no longer cope with the health crisis linked to the coronavirus. According to France Bleu, which relays this story, the man said he tried to give his dog to someone, in vain. 

Trapped, he would then have made the choice to abandon his animal by leaving him a bowl of water, and by tying it to the edge of the water so that it does not miss any. His dog will not be found until two days after this abandonment. 

Summoned to justice next April, the man will have to answer for this act. Narcos, meanwhile, is at the Luçon intercommunal pound time to recover. He can then be placed with a family.