She walks her dogs and meets a baby with a Pitbull: the dog’s behavior leaves her in shock

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A child was found in the streets of St. Louis accompanied by a Pitbull. The latter was particularly protective of the toddler who can barely walk … 

A young boy named Taylor was just starting to walk. One morning, he managed to escape his father’s vigilance and get out of the house without the latter noticing. He then decided to go explore his neighborhood on his own. 

The child spends the morning walking the streets

A neighbor was walking her two dogs at 8 a.m. when she spotted the young child accompanied by a huge Pit Bull. She was shocked at how much the dog seemed to watch over the child and make sure nothing bad happened to him. 

The lady approached the child and noticed that he seemed to be doing well. Taylor was very well groomed, clean on him, but he was not wearing shoes. 

She rings at every door to find her parents 

For the next few hours, this neighbor was more than determined to find Taylor’s parents. She knocked on every door in the street. But no one recognized the child. 

Eventually, Taylor’s father eventually found a Facebook post reporting his son’s disappearance. He was able to reach him easily and was more than relieved to see him safe. He didn’t know how to thank this neighbor, who said it was the least she could do. 

Taylor gave the dog a huge hug and didn’t want to part with it when it came time to leave with her dad. The dog is actually a stray dog, but luckily the St. Louis police are in the process of adopting him!