Emergencies in swamps: to save a dog from alligators, she does the unimaginable!

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No one knows how this dog got to this island in the middle of the swamps.  

On January 8, 2021, Police Officer Amy Riccio received a call in the Bassville Park area to assist a dog trapped on an island in a swampy area. 

Alligators roamed the area

The area the dog was in is known to be home to a large population of alligators, so action had to be taken quickly before the dog became prey. 

It was the neighbors of the island who heard the dog and then they went to check from the edge of the neighboring wharf. When they spotted the dog trapped on the island, they didn’t hesitate for a second before calling the police. 

The police officer acts quickly to bring the dog to safety 

Knowing the danger lurking in the waters, Officer Amy Riccio immediately entered the swamp and used planks of wood to build a makeshift bridge in order to reach the island where the dog was located. 

Amy then gained the dog’s trust and was able to hug him out of the island and bring him to safety. 

The dog was immediately taken to the nearest animal shelter so that its owner could be identified.