Vet doesn’t understand what’s wrong with this dog, child makes terrible confession

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A situation that is cold in the back as its level of cruelty is high. Fortunately, Peanut’s fate was on her side. 

Dogs, like all animals, deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Once again, Peanut’s story is proof of this.

A dog in great distress

It all started a few years ago when animal control officers found a seemingly lifeless dog on the street. He is lying on the ground and does not move. The agents rush towards him to try to help him and to better understand the situation. They then understand that the dog is not dead.

Once at the vet, the dog comes to his senses and begins to breathe normally. But what surprises the vet the most is that the poor doggie had no reason to stop breathing like this. Granted, Peanut was a little too skinny, but that doesn’t explain anything.

“When she arrived she was unable to walk, stand, eat or drink. It was heartbreaking. We had never seen it before. “

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