Man rescues abandoned puppy, but a terrible turnaround takes place

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This shelter called in the police to identify the real owner of the pooch. 

Dennis Bingham lives near a stream in Gloversville, New York, United States. A few days ago, he heard crying by the stream and decided to go take a look. 

He crosses the stream to help her 

On the other side, Dennis spotted a puppy of about 6 months in chains and left to his own devices. He thought he had fallen into a trap and couldn’t get out of himself. 

So Dennis put on the shoes he wears when he bathes and he crossed the stream to help the dog. It was there that he realized that someone had abandoned the pooch and tied it to an old cart buried in the ground. 

Once he was able to free the puppy, Dennis gave it to the good care of the SPCA association. 

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