This German shepherd is heading towards this tiger… His reaction is incredible!

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This German Shepherd is heading for a tiger!

Suria and Sunny, beautiful tigers, were both born in  the Oasis wildlife sanctuary in Senec  ( Oasis of the Siberian tiger) , in Senec, Slovakia – a protected area where breeding Siberian tigers. The sanctuary aims to save a small population of tigers from extinction and contributes to the genetic fund for  breeding critically endangered lions . The staff are totally passionate. There, Yveta Irsova, a specialist in felines, watches over her residents as well as her own children.

With several species of tigers already extinct,  he tries to stop the intense poaching  and the loss of their habitat , of which the Siberian tigers are victims. Two-year-old Suria was born at the shrine and raised with the German Shepherd pack of Blacky, Hugo and Jenny. This special bond that they cultivate from an early age is unique in the world. They are inseparable! Proof that she feels at home at the shelter, Suria has even just had a baby, named Sunny… Now four months old, the little tiger also gets along wonderfully with the three dogs. They play together, chase each other, fight nicely… Although Suria quickly surpassed her canine mates in size and strength, the five friends never hurt each other .

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