The dog is so thin that rescuers believe him dead, a few hours later they discover the sad reality

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A dying dog found in the parking lot of a shelter is fighting to live a new life. 

He is the skinniest and still alive dog that rescuers have ever seen. The poor pooch was abandoned in the parking lot of the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) shelter on January 29. He was found by a person who came to the shelter to donate.

A vital emergency 

The shelter volunteers immediately took him to the veterinary clinic. The poor doggie was so thin he couldn’t even lift his head on his own. Ethan weighed only 17 kilos instead of the 36 he should have done for his height. 

The pooch also suffered from muscle loss and dehydration. He was covered in feces and urine. Rescuers believe he was locked up for weeks without food in a storage room, before being abandoned in the shelter’s parking lot.

Several neurological disorders 

On the morning of January 30, Ethan began to breathe very quickly and had involuntary tremors. Again, shelter volunteers rushed him to the veterinary clinic. He is still there and the vets are continuing their blood tests to better understand what is creating his neurological disorders. 

Despite this, Ethan has resumed eating and drinking, even though he needs help chewing and swallowing his food. He is under surveillance 24 hours a day and he has all the care he needs to regain his strength. 

Last I heard, Ethan has made a lot of progress and is slowly starting to wag his tail. He shows that he wants to walk, even though his legs are not yet carrying him. 

The shelter thanks its entire community for the support provided and calls for witnesses to find who could have done such a thing to Ethan.