Surprise on the farm: the dog approaches this 5-week-old pig and his reaction is unlikely

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This little pig and this bitch have become the best friends in the world. 

Some animals are very close, sometimes even more than with their owners! It must be said that some dogs are particularly affectionate and tend to befriend very easily with the animals around them. 

This is also the case of the dog Ellie aged 16. Despite her great age, the dog never ceases to be curious and to welcome newcomers to her home with great kindness.

So when Regan, a 5 week old little pig, pointed the tip of his nose at Charlotte’s Freedom Farm, the farm she lives in Canada, Regan didn’t hesitate for a second. 

Despite a big age difference, they became best friends

Little Regan was saved by someone who dropped him off at the farm when he was only 5 weeks old.

The poor did not know anyone on this huge farm, and it was only natural that the dog Ellie came to welcome him to take him under her paw. Or rather on his back!

Indeed, from their first meeting, the pig Regan quickly climbed on the back of the bitch and buried itself in its long hairs. 

A ritual that takes place every night! 

Since the day of their meeting, the two friends have not left each other. Regan comes to sleep every night with Ellie and for that, he climbs on her back and coils in her hair to fall asleep. There is nothing better for the cute pig than sleeping near their best friend! 

The little pig spends a lot of time with Ellie, but not only … He really enjoys wandering around the house and discovering new activities, such as for example the cat exercise wheel as you can see in the video below below. 

You can follow their adventures on the farm’s instagram account: @charlottesfreedomfarm

Nothing more comfortable to sleep 

They are both so adorable!