Cat found with frozen paws and tail: a man enters the shelter and tears flow

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Little cat Berry has finally found a loving home. She had endured a terrible ordeal last October, but those bad days are now behind her. 

We told you about it last October in this article . A tiny kitten was found with frozen paws and tail on the tires of a tractor-trailer. Poor chatoune couldn’t get out of the truck because of the freezing temperatures. 

A Good Samaritan helps the kitten in distress

It was a man who had freed him from his suffering by pouring hot water on his little legs and tail. He then took her to be examined. 

The little chatoune had been taken in by the Dumb Friend League refuge which had named her Sherry. 

He returns a few weeks later to adopt her 

We now know the name of his savior: Michael Bud. He knew when he got home that he had to adopt the little cat. He did that when she was old enough to be adopted and had regained her strength. 

Michael took her home and renamed her Berry. The little cat met Michael’s cat Cheddar. The two get along wonderfully and they quickly became best friends! 

We love stories that end well like these and we wish them all the best of luck!