In the middle of the night, he has a stroke: his German Shepherd, adopted in a refuge shortly before, saves his life

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Without the intervention of his German Shepherd, the man would probably no longer be with us today. 

In Oakland, New Jersey (United States), this owner can thank his dear doggie. Indeed, his animal saved him from certain death. “ When I talk about this story, I’m moved,” Brian Myers told CBS .

And for good reason, the man is currently recovering from a  stroke. He recounts his aftermath and progress: “ I had a slight paralysis on the left side of my body and I have trouble speaking. But I’m making great progress here.  Last week I couldn’t use my fingers and now I can open my whole hand “.

However Brian is well aware that if he is alive today, he owes it to his dog, Sadie. He has forged a special bond with this  6-year-old German Shepherd whom he adopted in a shelter.  But until a few days ago, he didn’t know how much.

The Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge has also shared this story:

“I was asleep and had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. As soon as I stepped on the floor, I fell and hit the floor.  I couldn’t get up.” Brian recalls. Without knowing it, he had just had a stroke during the night. His dog then came to comfort him. She also helped her move: “ I just grabbed her collar and she started pulling her weight back. And with that, I was able to crawl onto the floor.  Otherwise, I probably would be. still lying there.

The Savior Saved

A miraculous rescue that comes just weeks after Brian saves Sadie from the animal shelter to adopt her. As if she wanted to return the favor to him. “ Who saved whom?” Asks his master today.

What is certain is that the German Shepherd is a breed known to be loyal and intelligent. And thanks to his act of bravery, his master was able to access his phone and contact the emergency services. The man is still very surprised and moved: ” She was there for me when I had this crisis and she instinctively knew what had to be done in a way”.  Now this grateful master can’t wait to come home and give his dog a big hug to thank her!