passed out on the street: dog’s reaction is moving…

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Nina is a guide dog for the blind who also suffers from diabetes. The dog accompanies his master every day.

The Labradors are extremely friendly dogs, gentle and intelligent companions that are perfect for families with young children. They are also great guide dogs and are often used for this purpose to help people in need. 

The story that you are about to discover is once again proof of the dogs’ big hearts and their sense of responsibility. 

An immediate reaction to help your human

Nina is a guide dog for the blind. When her human passed out in the middle of the street due to low blood sugar, the dog didn’t hesitate for a second: she first tried to wake her human, before lying down. above to wait for help. 

Even when help arrived on the scene, Nina refused to move and move away from her human. She stayed by his side, as she has always been taught. A magnificent proof of love and exemplary behavior. 

We hope that everything will return to order quickly for Nina and her human.