Sudden disappearance of a Chihuahua: 6 years later, mother and daughter receive shocking call

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When you identify your animal with a microchip, you give it a chance to be able to find its family in case of loss. This chip can therefore change everything, for many people. 

Chipping your pet is a small expense, but it can change lives. Indeed, animals that have a microchip find their homes more easily, even when they have been lost for many years. 

This is precisely what happened to King the Chihuahua .

A sudden and painful disappearance

In 2014, King was playing in the backyard of the family home in San Antonio, Texas. It was a rainy day and King’s owner Debra Vasquez had allowed him to go out on his own and without a collar.

Ms. Vasquez and her daughter Danae quickly realized with horror that King was missing. Their first thought was that the little dog had escaped from its enclosure, before imagining that it might have been stolen …

After two months of intensive research, mother and daughter accepted the reality and resumed their lives. 

A heartbreaking call

Earlier this month – six years after King’s disappearance – Vasquez received a call from an animal shelter in Florida. Shelter workers scanned a dog that had been abandoned and found a chip containing their contact details. The couple were amazed that after such a long time their dog was found alive and well.

Without hesitation, Vasquez and his daughter traveled 1600 km across America to finally find King!

The reunion in video