Raised by drug traffickers and then abandoned, this dog struggles to recover from its after-effects

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This poor doggie survived hard drug ingestion and abandonment. He quickly deserves to find a loving home with his or her Valentine.

Finnegan is one of the doggies rescued from Pasado’s Safe Haven in the city of Sultan in the Washington area. This refuge helps all animals in distress, regardless of their suffering. 

The dog used hard drugs 

In his previous life, Finnegan lived with drug dealers. He endured a lot of suffering and then was abandoned by his old masters. Health examinations showed that the poor doggie had ingested many hard drugs in the past. 

As with young children, dangerous substances should be kept out of reach of dogs. However, his former “masters” did not put hard drugs away and Finnegan ingested a quantity of them regularly. 

Saved in time for euthanasia

After being abandoned, Finnegan was taken to the municipal shelter where he was at risk of being euthanized. Fortunately, the Pasado’s Safe Haven teams were able to intervene in time to give Finnegan a second chance. 

The poor dog is unstable on his legs due to some neurological trauma, but he is learning to open up to humans again. 

The good news is that he’s already making tremendous progress. He is followed by a vet who he loves to lick and he is very nice to all the humans he meets. 

We wish him to quickly find his family for life, because Valentine’s Day is approaching!