The “cutest kitten in the world” has a secret that dazzles everyone he meets

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A cat endowed with great strength who overcomes all trials with a lot of zest for life.

With her innocent look, beautiful eyes and golden character, Baby Fruit is a true executioner of hearts. But Baby Fruit is not quite a tomcat like the others because it has a small peculiarity of its own!

A cat with a little difference

When Lauren, the human mother of Baby Fruit, puts her cat on the floor, her difference is no longer a mystery: the cat cannot stand on its hind legs. Even the veterinarian could not explain the reason for this handicap which does not seem to bother the main interested party too much, who is always cheerful and playful.

A bolt from the blue

But Lauren was not at the end of her surprises with the tomcat who suddenly fell seriously ill. The vet then gave him heavy treatment, and encouraged Lauren to let him go, which she refused.

And she was right because Baby Fruit came back up.

A kitten forever

Today Baby Fruit is doing better. The tomcat will maintain its kitten size all its life and must wear diapers, but otherwise it leads the same life (or almost) as all other cats! Lauren relishes her chance to have him by her side every day.