Labrador sees portrait of deceased brother, has heartbreaking reaction (Video)

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When a dog dies, we humans mourn the loss of a family member. But, do the other dogs in the family really notice the absence?

When Libby Davey lost her adorable senior dog, Smiff, she was heartbroken. Her youngest puppy and Smiff’s brother, a Labrador named Frank, was there to comfort her, but she wanted to do something special to remember him.

That’s why Libby ordered a portrait of Smiff that she hung right in the middle of her living room. But she would never have expected such a reaction from her second dog.

An upset and overwhelming dog

When the video shared by Libby begins, we discover Frank observing the painting of his canine brother. He walks towards him, without taking his eyes off him, and begins to wag his tail.

Then he runs and climbs onto the couch to get a better look, wagging his tail as excitedly as if Smiff had really come back.

It’s hard to say if this portrait will be enough to comfort Frank, who also has to deal with the mourning of his dog brother . But that obviously won’t hurt!