She searches for her dog everywhere for a year, the miracle happens a few days before Christmas (video)

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Gracie, a 6-year-old female Pit Bull went missing in December 2019 after a guest of the house left the house door open. Since then, her mistress Kelly has searched for her for months, to no avail.

When Gracie disappeared, Kelly put up posters of her dog all over her neighborhood. She contacted all the shelters in the area, but no one had heard from her pooch. The poor young woman mourned the loss of Gracie for months. 

The miracle happens as Christmas approaches 

About a year later, a neighbor a few miles from Kelly’s house notices a black dog with white paws circling around her house. 

The doggie didn’t let himself be approached and got scared as soon as a human or a dog crossed his path. 

Every day, this neighbor brought him food and she gradually gained his trust. 

This lady contacted an animal aid association and the team was able to scan her chip. They then found the information of his mistress who lived a few kilometers away. 

A reunion full of emotions

When Kelly learned that her dog Gracie had been found, she couldn’t stop crying with joy.

The reunion between the mistress and her doggie was full of emotions, as you can see in the video below. 

Gracie approached Kelly and his cock immediately started wiggling when she felt his mistress.

The pretty bitch was quick to jump into his arms a few seconds later. What a joy to see them finally reunited for Christmas!