The baby falls asleep and collapses on top of the dog: his reaction leaves everyone speechless

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It’s no secret that dogs – whether old or not – have wonderful relationships with children from a young age. 

A best friend for life

In the video above, a young boy is discovered poking his nose next to an old dog. His dog. The doggie looks at him and seems to understand what will happen to the little boy who gradually falls asleep and becomes less and less stable. 

As if to wake him up, the doggie begins to lick the child who does not wake up for all that and ends up collapsing completely on the dog in order to sleep comfortably coiled against his warm belly. 

A wonderful relationship

The animal, far from protesting, readily accepts to become the child’s pillow and also takes the opportunity to take a nap. The video, which has nearly 200,000 views on YouTube, is a testament to the true nature of senior dogs, who are often described as grumpy animals. We couldn’t be further from reality. 

Animals not only promote values ​​such as responsibility and empathy, they also improve the reasoning and communication skills of the little ones in the house, especially if both are known from an early age.