She finds a dying dog on the road: when she sees his eyes, panic is total (Video)

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In Kansas, someone discovered a Jack Russel Terrier crossbreed dog lying on the road.

At first, the person thought the dog had been run over by a car, but upon closer inspection, they realized that the dog’s eyes and mouth were glued together …

A severely abused dog

The poor doggie was struggling to stay alive, but couldn’t open his eyes or mouth. His rescuer reacted immediately and took him to the veterinary emergency room. 

The caregivers discovered that the dog had endured even more suffering than expected. X-rays from the radios revealed that the dog had been punched several times in the stomach in addition to the superglue. 

Fortunately, the doctors manage to save her

After a few hours, the doctors were able to remove the glue from the little female’s eyes and mouth. 

Despite all the suffering she endured, the little dog faced it all with courage and she was very affectionate towards all the humans she met. 

Today she is much better and has been renamed Glory, as a tribute to her brilliant mind. She spends happy days with her new family who pampers her. 

Alas, the person who hurt Glory is still at large. Authorities are offering a $ 5,000 reward to anyone with information to locate the assailant.