Found on the runway of an airport, this stray kitten has found a new family for life!

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A small stray cat was found on the take-off runway at Louisville International Airport in Kentucky, United States. The teams at the airport took great care of the animal, and even managed to find a new home for it!

While wandering on a take-off runway, a stray kitten came across employees at Louisville International Airport who immediately took charge of the animal to keep it away from the danger of planes and other vehicles in circulation .

After spending the night in the warmth with a full belly, the kitten was treated to a good bath. But i did not expect this passenger comfort to become his daily life!

Airport employee Wes England adopted the kitten to her family. His wife and two daughters, aged 4 and 14, are delighted with their new cat which has been named Boeing, or Bo for close friends. This little cat must be so relieved to have a loving family now!