They come to rescue a dog from a fire, when they discover what it hides, they are speechless

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This dog is a real hero.

This story takes place in Australia. Firefighters are called to the scene of a fire by the family of the burning house, who have just had time to evacuate. Unfortunately, their beloved dog is still stuck in the house. For long minutes, his masters did everything to get him out, but Leo was already trapped in the flames and refused to budge .

Immediately, the firefighters rush into the burning house in search of Leo. But after exploring several rooms, the dog is still perfectly untraceable. When suddenly, one of the firefighters spots a small ball of fur in a corner of the house. That’s Leo!

Firefighters rush at him to get him out of there, and it’s there that they notice Leo was actually protecting a family of kittens . By lying on top of them, he made sure that they were not poisoned by the smoke. Leo on the other hand had lost consciousness.

The firefighters then take all these little people out of the burning house. They immediately give oxygen to Leo who wakes up slowly, while the kittens seem to be doing well. Thanks to Leo, the four little cats are in perfect health .

Once everyone has come to their senses, the firefighters drop the little kittens off near Leo who takes the opportunity to give them a hug. A real little hero!

Below you can relive this incredible story on video.