She finds a dog tied up in the street, when the vet examines her the terrible truth is revealed (Video)

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He was minus one. 

It all started with a social media post written by Josiane Almeida, a Brazilian animal rights activist. In the shared photo, we see a mother dog and her little puppies abandoned on a road. Worse still, someone had tied the mother dog in a bag …

A horrible scene

When Josiane Almeida discovered the DOG and her puppies, they were dehydrated and panicked. Quickly, she got the dog out of her prison before putting the whole family in their car for a much needed vet visit. 

Once at the vet, it’s shock . The vet discovers that the mother dog is actually suffering from a cancerous tumor. It is doubtless because of this that it was so cruelly abandoned. The puppies were dehydrated, but healthy. 

In order to find a solution to treat the dog, Josiane Almeida appeals to the generosity of people for a little help. Thanks to her cry for help, she receives many funds and the treatment of the bitch can finally take place. Today she has a good chance of fully recovering .

The puppies could be adopted when they were of age. Below you can relive this story on video.