She abandons her dog in front of a shelter and takes out her phone: what she does is revolting

She didn’t hesitate to proudly post the photo on social media. An atrocious photo that deeply angered animal advocates on social networks. 

The community is mobilizing 

A user named “thecharliezard” reposted the photo on the social network Reddit to try to find the owner of the pooch who had dared to abandon it in the most sordid way possible.  

Several people then offered to adopt the pooch if the owner was not found. 

Days later, the Reddit user wrote an update regarding the dog:

“UPDATE: The real owner has contacted the pound! He had left his dog with his sister while he was traveling. He did not say if it was his sister in the photo. “

We do not know the rest of the story, but we hope that the doggie is now in good hands!

Lady dumps dog at the pound overnight, takes selfie in front of the cage flipping the bird

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