Hit by a car, the accident triggered childbirth – moving story

Trin’s pregnancy was very advanced when she was hit by the car in Thailand. The stray dog ​​was so panicked that she ran away, despite her injuries. Fortunately, the good Samaritan did not give up, and found her; it was then that he witnessed a miracle . Indeed, the accident had triggered the delivery of the bitch, and she was giving birth. The man then rushed to contact the Soi Dog Foundation, which intervened and rescued the dog and her cubs.

A moving story!

The association took charge of Trin’s babies while she was undergoing emergency surgery to have a leg amputated. But, after this ordeal, discovering Trin with her children is a most touching spectacle . Fortunately, this benevolent man took action, because otherwise Trin and her babies might not have survived! Watch the video, these images and this story moved us a lot!

A man rushes to save a dog’s life after she is hit by an automobile.

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