Man abandons 6 dogs in a box: he did not expect what would happen the next day

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It is the Maui Humane Society which shared the sad news on its social networks: 6 dogs were abandoned on the steps of the refuge, locked in a plastic box closed with big tape… A revolting abandonment. 

In its newsletter, the Maui Humane Society recounted the latest misadventure experienced by the volunteers of the refuge a few days ago. 

6 abandoned dogs

Arriving at the shelter that day, the volunteers discovered an abandoned plastic box on the steps, in direct sunlight. The box had probably been there for several hours already. Inside were six puppies, in a disturbing condition. Unfortunately, two of the six puppies had already died in this plastic prison that had become particularly hot from the sun. 

The other puppies were quickly taken out of the box in order to urgently transport them to the vet to examine them, and especially put them back on their feet. There was not a second to waste in saving them. 

Des caméras bien utiles

In order to find the culprit of this cruel abandonment, the employees of the refuge viewed the security cameras and managed to trace back to the man who will have to answer for his actions when he thought he would never be found. 

The Maui Humane Society recalled that there is no charge to drop off animals when it becomes impossible to take care of them, but that under no circumstances is it tolerable to abandon them in this way, in putting their lives in danger. 

Fortunately, the four puppies are healthy now and have already found their families for life.