She finds a dog protecting 6 puppies, approaches and discovers he was hiding something else

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A truly incredible story that will bring tears to your eyes as it is so moving. A new proof of the great love of animals and their kindness. 

On a very cold day in Argentina several years ago, a woman hears a baby crying and decides to go see what it is. Quickly, she spots a dog in the company of her puppies, frozen by the cold. The dog was warming them up as much as possible. Approaching, the woman notices that there are six puppies, but that someone else is nestled against the hot belly of the dog: a baby!

Immediately, the woman takes the baby in her arms and rushes to a hospital to be taken care of. Luckily, the girl was in good health, hadn’t suffered too much from the coldand his days were not in danger.

A real heroine on legs

But how did this little girl, barely a few hours old, find herself in the company of a dog and her litter? It all started when a 14 year old girl gave birth to this little girl. Overwhelmed by events and afraid of her parents’ reaction, she decided to abandon him in a field. This is where the dog found the baby and decided to take her with her so that she could warm her up. She looked after this baby like he was her own. 

After discovering that her daughter was in the hospital, the young mother decided to return to look for her. After explaining her situation, she received help so that she could raise her daughter and take care of her.

For her part, the bitch has become a real little heroine, and it is well deserved!

Below you can relive this incredible story on video.