Dog tied to a pole in front of her own house: the truth shivers

Abandoned by her own family, Bonnie was lucky enough to meet the right people at the right time. 

It was last October. Mister Bowles called his daughter Courtney to inform her that he had just found a puppy tied up outside the building next door. The young woman who has already rescued dogs immediately went there.

“When I got there I couldn’t believe it,” a shocked Courtney told The Dodo. Indeed, the bitch was not only very thin but also “covered with her own excrement and garbage”. It seems his hunger drove him to rummage in a trash can.

As for its owners, residents of the building, they had taken the powder after having accumulated unpaid rents. Without scruple, they decided to tie their dog to a pole, without food or water.

The dog, glad to receive a little love

At first scared, when Courtney approached her, “she curled up”. “But, once I started petting her and giving her a treat, she just became the cutest dog,” says Courtney. “It’s like she knew I was there to make things better (…) as soon as I sat her in the car, she started wagging her tail.

The bathtub, his place of refuge

After bringing him home, the young woman, who renamed her Bonnie Blue, immediately put him in the bath. A necessary cleaning since the water quickly turned black as there was so much dirt. But the bitch seems to have taken a liking to the bath, which was probably the first in her life. So much so that since that day, “whenever she is afraid, especially during storms or when she hears loud noises, she runs and jumps in the bathtub” is astonished Courtney who explains this by the fact that the bathtub is the first place where she felt safe and saved.

Bonnie has a new home and even a best friend

Bonnie quickly bonded with Courtney’s other dog, Millie. And now that the dog has regained all of her strength, the two dogs are spending all their time together, as if they have known each other forever. “She’s a whole different bitch now,” enthuses Courtney. “She is extremely energetic and loves to run and play.” Bonnie has been living with Courtney for several months now, and she is receiving all the care and love that she had so long missed. But it is reciprocal confesses his mistress: “She has brought so much joy in our lives”.