After a year of separation, a deaf and blind dog finds with immense joy his “papi”

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Covid-19 separates men, women… and animals. Fortunately, the story of this dog ends in an outpouring of joy.

A difficult start

Bitsy was 5 weeks old when his mistress Hayden Kristal brought him home. When Steve, his father, discovered this tiny deaf and blind Australian Shepherd puppy , he had some concerns about his future.

Could he have a real dog life? Would he be happy? But the animals’ resources are limitless and Bitsy has quickly grown into a very resourceful adult dog.

She traveled the country with her mistress. She hiked, took the subway, and even went canoeing and skateboarding! A real life as a globetrotter.

But this was all before the health crisis.

Separated because of the Covid

Unfortunately, with the Covid crisis, Steve, who works as an emergency doctor, had to distance himself from his relatives and therefore from Bitsy. So Steve and the animal are not seen for almost a year.

Fortunately, not long ago, the man was able to get vaccinated and took the opportunity to visit his daughter, and especially, Bitsy.

Very attached to the animal, the man feared that she would no longer remember him. But that was without relying on the dog’s memory capacities.

When Bitsy felt her “grandpa”, he started to lick him, bark, jump all over the place, she was so happy to find him. In The Dodo, Steve explains, “Once again Bitsy has shown that the abilities she has are far more important than those she doesn’t”. He added “From this video you can surely guess how much we love each other.”

Another story that makes you cry … of joy!


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