On New Year’s Day, his dog gives birth, when he sees the puppy’s color he thinks it’s a hoax (video)

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The dog owner was the biggest surprise of his life on 1 st  January 2021. He had to take it twice before to confirm the color of the puppy was born. 

In a small village in Georgia, a female dog gave birth to 8 puppies. Among them, one of the puppies caught the attention of everyone, including the press who came to visit him.

The puppy is … green!

It may sound unbelievable, and yet it is absolutely true. The puppy has a rare color: the color of its fur is indeed green. 

This exceptional phenomenon is explained by the high content of biliverdin pigment in the placenta of the bitch. 

A barely born and already coveted puppy 

The puppy was named Grinch by the dog’s owner. The man also told the press that he was going to keep the puppy with him. He was however contacted by a zoo which wanted to recover the puppy, but this master does not intend to sell or give it away. 

One thing is certain, this master is very lucky to have known this birth within this litter.

The phenomenon had already occurred before in America, England and Italy, but it remains extremely rare. You can judge for yourself on the video below: