they pay $ 5,000 to buy it, ten days later the unthinkable happens

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A family asks for a refund after the dog they bought died of illness. Yet he had a certificate of good health. 

The case has been ongoing for 10 months now. The Auclair family bought a two month old Husky puppy from a pet store called Petland.

They do everything to welcome the puppy in the best conditions

Parents Auclair and their two children Abbi and Reno indeed fell in love with the puppy Ozzie the day they met him in December 2019. The purchase of the puppy included taxes and cost over $ 5,000. 

A veterinarian had however signed a certificate of good health of the dog two days before Erin, the mother of the family bought the dog. But the day after he arrived at the family home, Ozzie started to feel bad. He looked completely exhausted. 

His new owners took him to the vet and the vet noticed that Ozzie’s breathing was abnormal. However, she reassured her new owners by indicating that the puppy was in its adaptation phase and that this must be normal. 

The puppy dies before their eyes 

A few days later, the dog started to drool and passed out in the car. His masters took him to the veterinary emergency as quickly as possible. 

Unfortunately, the puppy died moments later. The emergency vet said the puppy suffered from bronchopneumonia and a heart problem, which resulted in the dog’s death. 

The family was traumatized by this event. They hired a lawyer to speak out and ask for a refund. 

This is because Florida’s Pet Lemon Law requires sellers to pay vet bills if the puppy becomes ill two weeks after being sold. 

The ongoing investigation has revealed that the Petland company that sold them the puppy has received dozens of complaints from other buyers since 2019 about animals that fell ill within days of purchase.