They find an abandoned dog in the middle of the street: a visit to the vet reveals the worst

A sick dog

Given Willy’s worrying state of health, the shelter immediately decides to take him to the vet for check-ups. And the verdict will not be long in coming: tachycardia at an advanced stage. His poor heart was beating at 160 instead of 80 beats / minute and he was missing about 10 kilos.

Adorable with everyone and courageous despite the pain, Willy is a golden dog who has made his place in the hearts of all volunteers at the shelter. Unfortunately, he still has a long way to go before he is better off and enjoying life.

A call to donation and rest

At the moment, Willy needs care, to rest and to be surrounded by love. He was therefore placed in a small house (rather than a box) in order to be well surrounded and to be able to recover slowly.

The shelter has launched an appeal for donations to be able to take care as well as possible of this dog who so deserves it, and of all the others.

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