A 20yo Dog Whose Life is Shortening is Taken Swimming in the Lake by His Owner Until the Dog Falls Asleep in His Arms

He lived a good life

John Unger, a person from Wisconsin, USA, adopted a stray dog, Schoep when he was just 8 months old. Schoep grew up until he was 20 years old. He grew old, and his life wasn’t getting any more. HisHis master is preparing for the inevitable.

John and Chopp lived together for 19 years. However, Schöpp suffered from arthritis for a long time and was paralyzed. The vet suggested putting the dog to sleep, but John didn’t agree. In the previous couple of years of Schoep’s life, John took care of him as best he could, taking care of him, holding him, and reluctant to go away him. John was by his side in the least times.

To relieve Schoep’s joint pains, John took him to the lake to ameliorate the pressure on his joints and muscles. Sometimes, because the flow of water was too comfortable, Schoep would often nod off in his owner’s arms. This heartwarming photo was taken by John’s friend, Hannah, a photographer who uploaded it on the web, which immediately sparked a heated discussion and touched many netizens.

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