She spots an empty box in the adoption lounge and reads the sign: her eyes fill with tears …

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The young woman felt attracted to a cat’s crate, without knowing why. And the least we can say is that fate did things right!

Sansa, a six-year-old cat was born with two different colored eyes, an anomaly most commonly found in white cats. She was also born with two thumbs at her front legs. Unfortunately, because of its “peculiarities”, it was abandoned by its former masters in front of the landing of a New York refuge. 

The little cat is completely traumatized

Sansa struggled to recover from her abandonment. The poor cat was so distressed that she could not get out of her transport case. She preferred to hide from the eyes of others and the world. 

At an adoption fair in New York City, the cat’s sad fate suddenly took another turn.

Karen, a 33 year old young woman was looking at the cats available for adoption, each one cuter than the next. But, without being able to explain it, his eyes were literally drawn to Sansa’s mysterious crate.

At first, Karen thought the crate was empty because she hadn’t seen the little cat hidden at the bottom of the crate. Then, the young woman read the note indicating that Sansa was hiding in her crate because she was suffering from anxiety attacks.

So, Karen immediately understood that she absolutely had to adopt this cat. Indeed, Karen also suffered from anxiety attacks, and she wanted to help Sansa overcome this ordeal with her. 

On returning home, she measures the extent of the situation

Two days later, Karen brought little Sansa home and that’s when she realized the extent of Sansa’s anguish. She remained hidden under the TV cabinet and only came out to eat. 

Karen took her cat to the vet who diagnosed her with severe anxiety disorder. They tested different drugs to relieve her, but it was only the CBD oil that worked and truly changed her life. Since then the little cat is soothed and lives a completely normal cat life! She has also revealed a strong character and comes to wake up her mistress every morning at 6 am to have her breakfast! 

Karen opened an Instagram account with Sansa to show that cats who suffered from these conditions could get away with it and that you shouldn’t hesitate to adopt them to prevent them from spending the rest of their days in a crate. .. 

Today Sansa has happy days 


And above all she loves hugs!