At 74, he jumps into the water to rescue his dog from the mouth of an alligator (video)

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The day took a dramatic turn for the 74-year-old when his puppy was grabbed by an alligator and dragged through the water. Fortunately, the animal was able to count on the bravery of its master! Incredible images that command admiration. 

In Florida, alligators are very present in the region and it is not uncommon to see them creeping into private gardens. Suffice to say that it is better to be extremely vigilant when you have pets. And that’s what unfortunately happened that day, in Richard Wilbanks’ garden which has a pond.

This owner of an adorable 3 month old Cavalier King Charles puppy named Gunner saw his adrenaline rush when his beloved dog was grabbed and carried into the water by an alligator . 

Flawless courage

Listening only to his courage and his love for his puppy, Richard Wilbanks took the plunge , and there was absolutely no question of letting the reptile win. 

The footage was reported by the Florida Wildlife Federation and caused a sensation on the web, where thousands of netizens praised the responsiveness and guts of the 74-year-old, who hasn’t even lost his cigar. ‘he was holding on to the mouth!

Although of moderate size, an alligator possesses unheard-of strength in the jaws, which did not facilitate the release of little Gunner. 

“We were walking quietly near the pond. It came out of the water like a missile, I didn’t even think an alligator could go so fast. It was so fast, ”the dog handler reported to CNN. 

More fear than harm

Luckily for Gunner, he only suffers from a wound on his abdomen and has no serious injuries.

His master, meanwhile, had more wounds on the fingers which were, in his words, chewed by the animal. He had to do a booster shot for tetanus in order to guard against any more serious health concerns. 

Quickly became the “badass grandpa” of the web thanks to this video, Richard Wilbanks should not want to repeat the experience . We wish them never to experience this mishap.