A man panics when his dog dives into the lake, then he sees the creature in his mouth …

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Sometimes dogs show a great deal of courage and heroism to come to the aid of other species that need help. This is the case with Jax.

Jax, the black Labrador , often ventures into the wild on adventurous trails with his human, Rick Sauer.

During one of these walks, Rick and Jax went for a walk around a lake. But everything changed when the dog decided to jump into the water all at once. 

A heroic dog 

Immediately Rick started screaming to call his dog back because he knew the lake was full of weeds and was not being maintained. So he was afraid that something would happen to his dog. That’s when he saw that Jax had something in his mouth. 

Once Jax was out of the water and safe, his human decided to go see what he had taken out of the lake. It was in fact a small bird who had probably just learned to fly and still had some difficulty doing so. 

Without Jax’s intervention, this young bird would undoubtedly have drowned. 

A safe bird

Touched by his dog’s behavior, Rick obviously congratulated his dog before picking up the baby bird and looking for his nest. He then deposit the baby bird with its siblings in its nest. 

A few days later, Rick returned to the scene to check that all was well with the bird and it was.