When the shelter dog realizes who is standing in front of him, tears begin to flow

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Roscoe was homeless when a shelter took him in. He struggled to connect with people, and his future looked bleak until he spotted a friendly face from his past.

Roscoe, the dog, had lived on the streets for three years, surviving on leftovers from the neighborhood, when he was finally taken to the Washington Country TN animal shelter. No one seemed to know where the poor dog came from, or to whom it belonged.

A lonely dog

Once at the shelter, Roscoe, who was appointed by shelter staff, seemed to prefer being alone. It was evident that he didn’t trust humans and, unlike many dogs who came to the shelter, he had a hard time making connections with the staff.

But the shelter didn’t want to abandon Roscoe and decided to see if they could find out more about him and what led him to end up on the streets. The volunteers posted a message on their Facebook page to find out more about his story, in case anyone knows him. 

A nice reunion

The shelter was put in contact with a man who had lost his dog three years earlier from his family farm. Even if he hoped to find his dog one day, the man had little hope and even less that the dog found by the shelter would be his, so far from his home. But when in doubt, he decided to go and have a look. 

But once facing the doggie, the man no longer had any doubts: it was indeed Runt, his dog lost three years ago. 

At first suspicious, the doggie quickly understood who this man was, and his fear turned into absolute joy. In a few moments, this once reclusive and anxious dog has become a real ball of love and joy. 

Runt is now back home with his family and has never been happier.