Veterinarian euthanizes puppy and finds shock of life discovering he is not dead

Sometimes it is good to believe in miracles and this story is proof of that.

It all starts in a sad refuge located in Oklahoma . Overcrowded, the refuge must separate from certain dogs by practicing euthanasia. This is how a puppy named Rudolph ends up on the list of dogs to be euthanized, for lack of space and resources .

A real miracle

Eight months old, Rudolph therefore found himself facing the veterinarian who gave him an injection to euthanize him. After the injection, the veterinarian left the room for a few moments. It is once back in the room that the veterinarian has the surprise of his life: not only is the dog not dead on the examination table, but he is in great shape  ! A real miracle and above all a great first.

Hearing about this story like no other, Kings Harvest Pet Rescue decided to take care of little Rudolph in order to give him a new chance in life . After the rescue, Rudolph’s story began to become known, and many people saw a sign of God in the fact that this dog survived his own euthanasia. Many people volunteered to offer him a loving home.

“He was in a crowded shelter, so the vet euthanized him. But God had a different plan because he woke up. And thank goodness the vet said he wouldn’t do it again. So we took him to our shelter in the hope that someone would come and adopt him and give him a second chance in life , ”read the shelter’s Facebook page.

A few days later, Rudolph had found his new dad to the delight of all. Like what, in life there is always a little hope even in the most desperate situations.

Rudolph is heading to his forever home. It was a tough decision with so many wonderful applications but Rudolph fell in love with this young man and the feeling was mutual 🥰 Thank you for adopting a rescue dog.

Posted by Kings Harvest Pet Rescue No Kill Shelter 563 386 3117 on Saturday, January 19, 2019