Two-legged dog’s zest for life earns him fans all over the world (Video)

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And rightly so!

This doggie takes its name from a character in the Forrest Gump movie: Lieutenant Dan. It is a soldier that the main character meets at the front during the war in Vietnam, and whose life he saves after suffering a serious war wound.

But if you remember correctly, this character sinks into a deep depression after losing the use of his legs. This is not the case with this dog, quite the contrary!

Still, this pooch had a rough start in life. From birth, he had deformities in the rear legs and also in the tail. Several vets confirmed that he would never be able to walk, and that by dragging his hindquarters on the ground, he would develop very painful lesions.

A difficult decision had to be made, and Lieutenant Dan had both hind legs and tail amputated when he was only 6 months old.

However, the doggie shows an incredible joie de vivre, and jumps in all directions with elegance, speed and precision. Looks like he’s been relieved of a weight, and can now have fun and play to burn off his boundless energy!

He sometimes gets around with a wheelchair, but he is also very comfortable without. He loves frisbees, has a lot of fun pulling his teeth on his favorite toys.

He swims and hikes with his canine and human brothers and sisters who often have trouble following him, he is so fast in his movements! On a daily basis, he brings a lot of joy to his owner, as well as the thousands of people who follow him on Instagram.

This is an example of good humor and a positive attitude that we would do well to follow!