Turkey earthquake: dog saves cat trapped under rubble for 30 hours

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The cat was found and rescued 30 hours after the earthquake, and was able to find its owner!

On October 30, western Turkey was hit by an earthquake that left at least 100 dead and over 950 injured. While on a search for survivors mission, a rescue dog managed to rescue a cat, trapped under the debris of two collapsed floors.

The cat, named Umur, or “hope” in Turkish, had been stuck alone for 30 hours, and caught the attention of rescue dog Bob, of the Turkish Rescue and Rescue Association.

Thanks to the doggie’s flair, rescuers were able to free the cat by breaking down the walls and moving the debris that held the animal prisoner.

Umur was reunited with his owner, who must have been infinitely grateful to find his animal after this painful ordeal!